Quest To Discover More About U.F.Os And Related Phenomena -- August 1978

"establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking,
coordinating and disseminating the results of research into Unidentified Flying
Objects (UFOs) and related phenomena." Grenada Prime Minister, Sir Gary Gairy before
the UN General Assembly, October, 1977.

GRENADA--August 1978
The first in a series of 4 stamps issued by Grenada, commemorates the 'Year of UFOs' - A thirteenth century drawing is featured along with a UFO on this stamp.
SCOTT #883
GRENADA--August 1978
A Radar and an image of Mars is featured on this stamp. The picture on the right-hand side of this one is based on the formation photograph taken by George Adamski on May 29th, 1950.
Scott #884.
GRENADA--August 1978
A flying saucer illustration and a photograph highlight this $3 stamp.
Scott #886.
GRENADA--August 1978
This souviner sheet features an image of the late Grenada Prime Minister, Sir Gary Gairy, who spoke before the U.N. general assembly, urging them to study the flying saucer in more detail.
Scott #885.

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